Arduino vs Raspberry Pi

difference between arduino and raspberry pi
Ever since the Raspberry Pi was announced, it has been a topic of much debate online.Starting from profoundly diverse naming plans- masculine Italian name vs sweet fruit pie- Arduino and Raspberry Pi boards are significantly different in a lot of things. For one Arduino is an Open Source single-board micro-controller,  while Raspberry Pi is a single-board computer.

Ask any electronics enthusiastic and he will tell you why it is preferable to get the Arduino if this is your first time venturing into the world of embedded systems.On the other hand, if you have already dipped your toes in this field you could go ahead with the Raspberry Pi.

The table compares the two boards. It should help you make a good decision if you are new to this field.

Raspberry Pi
Extremely simple to get working.
Less simpler to get working
A typical embedded system with easy-to-develop software.
Fully fledged computer running Linux.
Support is available virtually everywhere.
Limited support is available at present but should increase over time.
Perfect for controlling hardware(robotics).
Features an extremely powerful GPU and can handle HD content.
Umpteen, different  kits and shield’s are available.
Very few kits are available presently.
Low power consumption(<0.5 W), capable of even running micro amps with very low clock.
Power consumption(~3.5 W) is comparatively higher than Arduino.

Verdict: While the Raspberry Pi is a great high-performance option, Arduino is a good general-purpose board.


  1. Are all Arduinos equal - I've dipped with a Raspberry PI - is this comparable to this?

  2. I have found its horses for courses I am using ARduino/Xbee for the real time parts of an aircraft remote control and am planning to use my new RasPi for the UI and telemetry coming back from the Xbee

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