Raspberry Pi LED Status Indicator Info

led status infi
There are 5 status LED's on the Raspberry Pi board namely [OK, PWR, FDX, LNK, 10M]. FDX, LNK, 10M are connected to the LAN IC- LAN9512. So those 3 LED's will be present only on model B.

According to http://elinux.org/RPi_Hardware

D5(Green) - OK - SDCard Access (via GPIO16)
D6(Red) - PWR - 3.3 V Power
D7(Green) - FDX - Full Duplex (LAN) (Model B)
                                                      D8(Green) - LNK - Link/Activity (LAN) (Model B)
                                                      D9(Yellow) - 10M - 10/100Mbit (LAN) (Model B)

According to the datasheet the pins can also be programmed as GPIO, so these three LEDs could potentially be under software control, but I have not checked if the Linux drivers support this.


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