[Review] UPiS - Uninterruptible Power intelligent Supply for Raspberry Pi

At some point in time we’ve all experienced bouts of anger over lost data, and it’s usually the result of
lack of planning and power loss. Due to power outrage, data stored on Raspberry Pi’s SD card can get corrupted. PiModules has come up with an inexpensive solution called UPiS to provide uninterruptible power supply. UPiS is an advanced Plug and Play add-on Module for the Raspberry Pi that provides backup power along with host of other features like onboard thermometer, RTC, PTC fuse, 1-Wire, Battery level monitoring and many more features.

It comes equipped with 1150 or 2600 mAh rechargeable LiPO Battery and features a buck/boost switching power converter. Depending on system load and configuration backup time can vary from 2-5 hours. The UPiS uses the same micro USB cable connection as RPi. With its embedded monitoring system it can instantly switch (< 360 uS) to battery source during power failures thereby preventing any data loss. There are two versions of UPiS available: UPiS Advanced & UPiS Basic.

Applications: The UPiS add-on module will cater to the needs of different categories of users those requiring power back-up and/or sensing features for applications running on the Raspberry Pi. Along with uninterrupted power supply, the UPiS provides a wealth of sensors and features, all cumulated in a single unit. Most of the features on board are defined by firmware, and due to boot-loader functionality
the firmware can be updated anywhere anytime.

Features: The features of the UPiS Module can be categorized as follows:

  •  Powering functionalities 
  •  I/O and control functionalities 
  •  RTC functionalities 
  •  Interfaces functionalities 
  •  Software Protection functionalities 
  •  Environment supervising functionalities 

So if are looking for low cost backup power supply for Raspberry PI look no further. With its host of additional features UPiS is a perfect choice for protecting your precious Raspberry Pi. For more details visit: