Introducing UniPi - The Universal Raspberry Pi Add-on Board


The UniPi board is designed to fit on the cheap and easy to use Raspberry Pi mini computer. If has 8 changeover relays, 14 digital inputs, single channel 1-wire interface, 2 analog inputs 0-10V and one analog 0-10V output. Furthermore the second I2C port of the RPi features 5V level converter and ESD protection, so you can easily connect other devices. The same applies to the UART! 

Does it have anything else that might be usable? Of course! It has Real Time Clock module so if your Pi looses power, the clock stays synced so when the system comes up, it will do everything as planned.

UniPi features:

  1. 8 relays
  2. 14 digital inputs
  3. 1Wire controller
  4. 2 analog inputs
  5. 1 analog output
  6. Real time clock
What does it make?
Cool! So it has many ways to communicate with the real world. But what can I use it for?

Relays - The UniPi has 8 changeover relays which are able to switch up to 5A @ 230V. With that much power, you can easily switch lights, open doors and garage doors, control motors and many other cool stuff.

Digital Inputs - All of the 14 digital inputs of the UniPi is connected directly to the Raspberry Pi GPIO through an opto-isolation. With this, you can easily read 5-20V signals from your window sensors, alarm sensors, count consumption of your energy meters and basically everything that closes/opens contact. In addition to this the board has 12V power supply for easy input state reading so you don't need to buy expensive power supplies. Just use the one we've already provided!

Analog Inputs - Do you need to know, what power is certain device working at? Simple connect its 0-10V output to the UniPi and you are done!

Analog Output - But what if you need to control the performance of a device? Well we have solution even for this. With the analog 0-10V output, you can easily control output power of many different devices, such as motors, frequency changes,...

1Wire - And what about temperature? Can the UniPi read temperature? Of course! It features single channel 1wire interface so you can connect up to hundred of sensors to measure temperature and humidity!