PiAware: Live Flight Tracking Using Raspberry Pi

If you are running an inexpensive Raspberry Pi ADS-B receiver with dump1090 then you can install the PiAware Package from FlightAware to freely view nearby flight traffic and transmit this data to FlightAware’s tracking network. Most aircraft within Europe by 2017 and USA by 2020 will be required to have ADS-B transmitters onboard.

FlightAware’s user-hosted worldwide ADS-B receiver network tracks about 90,000 unique aircraft per day and feeds this live data into the FlightAware website in combination with other public/private flight tracking data sources. FlightAware has over 500 user-hosted ADS-B sites online across 60 countries, with top contributors tracking over 10,000 aircraft per day. To see how ADS-B data is put to use, check out the FlightAware Live Map.


The PiAware installation process takes only a few minutes. If you don't have PlanePlotter, you can download it and then send FlightAware your installation's serial number and they will buy you a license. FlightAware will also give users a free Enterprise Account ($90/month value) in return for installing PiAware.

It's fast and easy to get started.

Using the five simple steps below, you can configure your Raspberry Pi to feed FlightAware. The process should take two to three minutes.

What's needed

Download and Install Files

From the command line type:

Configure PiAware with your FlightAware account

From the command line type:  sudo piaware-config -user <username> -password

Start PiAware

From the command line type:  sudo /etc/init.d/piaware start

In the future, PiAware will automatically start when you boot your Raspberry Pi.

View your ADS-B statistics

FlightAware will begin processing your data immediately and displaying your statistics within 30 minutes. View your stats at: https://uk.flightaware.com/adsb/stats