PiCapture™ - Video Capture for Raspberry Pi

Video capture solution for the Raspberry Pi
Lintest Systems has come up with a very interesting product called PiCapture™  - A video capture solution that enables all of the video processing and software capability of the Raspberry Pi by emulating the Raspberry Pi camera. Powered by a custom designed, high performance video processor, both the Standard Definition and High Definition versions of PiCapture allow all of the Raspberry Pi’s CPU power to be used for your applications and not consumed by limited function, outboard USB devices. Packaged in a HAT(Hardware Attached on Top) compatible form factor with a 40 pin GPIO feed-through header means compact installations on a Raspberry Pi.

Since PiCapture fully emulates the Raspberry Pi camera module, all software such as Raspivid, PiCamera and related applications are fully compatible. The robust design and rugged mechanical package makes PiCapture suitable for a wide range of applications including crucial ones for medical and industrial use.

PiCapture comes in two variants:

- PiCapture SD1 for standard definition
interlaced video (NTSC/PAL) from Composite,
S-Video, and YPbPr Component

- PiCapture HD1 for high-definition progressive
video from digital (HDMI/DVI), analog (YPbPr
Component), and Computer (RGB) sources at
480p, 720p, and 1080p resolutions

Features at a Glance:

 ●  Form Factor: Raspberry Pi HAT compatible.

 ●  High Speed Interface: Raspberry Pi Camera port – MIPI CSI-2.

 ●  Assured Compatibility: Works with most Raspberry Pi boards (including 3.0) and standard camera software (raspivid, picamera, etc.)

●  FULLY EMULATES THE RASPBERRY PI CAMERA: MIPI CSI-2 interface means the Raspberry Pi GPU can be used to its fullest and the CPU is free for you own applications not
consumed with peripherals.

●  PIVIDEO PYTHON-BASED CONTROL SOFTWARE:  PiVideo is used to control the PiCapture processor for:
- Automatic or manual video source selection
- Optional on-screen source indication
- Test mode control - B&W modes, solid color, and color pattern
- Firmware update utility

●  MULTIPLE WAYS TO COMMUNICATE WITH RASPBERRY PI: Jumpers for selecting UART, I2C1, I2C0 (or none) for maximum flexibility of Raspberry Pi GPIO

●  GET UP AND RUNNING FAST WITH ANY VIDEO SOURCE: PiCapture products are fully compatible with Raspberry Pi hardware and software so no special drivers required. Connect, power up, and run raspivid or your software, and capture video for any SD or HD source!

Application Areas:

  Video streaming
  Video recording
  Machine vision
●  Security and Surveillance
  Baby/child/pet monitors
  Healthcare (telemedicine)
  Traffic monitoring
  DVR/Media Center
 …. and more

To learn more about PiCapture do visit their site: www.lintestsystems.com.  Be sure to check out the sample videos captured with PiCapture here.