PowerPi - Raspberry Pi Powered Case

PowerPi is a self contained wall mounted, powered Pi case with interchangeable socket heads for UK/EU/US/AUS.

Inspired by the likes of GuruPlug and DreamPlug, PowerPi presents a tidy solution to powering your Pi without the octopus of cables that usually comes with a single board computer.


PowerPi's simple and elegant design allows you to switch out either SD cards or whole Pis with ease. Also in order to make it a world compatible Pi case, hot plug was incorporated and the power transformer able to regular power to the Pi regardless of the country of use.

Key features

1.  Compatible with all generations of full size Pi
2.  Access to HDMI/Sound/USB/SD/Ethernet.
3.  Swappable plug heads for UK/US/EU/OZ

Main Use Cases

1. VPN Server
2. File Server
3. Media Centre

To learn more about the new PowerPi do visit their Kickstarter page and make a pledge if you are interested. It has already reached 30% of its funding goal and £2,000 is required to take the new PowerPi into production.