Raspberry Pi's new Compute Module 3 for Industrial Systems launched

The Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 is a Raspberry Pi 3 software and hardware compatible plug-in board for use in control systems and industrial products. Like the Raspberry Pi 3, it also employs the Broadcom BCM2837 processor with four 1.2 GHz ARM cortex A53 cores and provides 1 GB of RAM. In the Lite variant, the module does not have a mass storage, the regular variant integrates a 4-GB eMMC flash memory.

Basically the Compute Module 3 offers the same connections as a Raspberry Pi. However, these are in the form of contacts on the board. The number of contacts and dimensions of the PCB correspond to those of a SO-DIMM memory latch (68 x 31 mm) - but the compatibility is purely mechanical, otherwise there is no similarity with a memory latch.

For development purposes, a breakout board is also provided, which carries out the contacts in the form of pins and corresponding terminals. It offers, among other things, an HDMI and USB port as well as a micro SD card slot.

The new module is basically compatible with the original Compute Module. However, in the data sheet indicated that the Compute Module 3 is one millimeter higher and more power than the original.

The Compute Module 3 will cost around $30 , the Lite version $25. The original Compute Module is also reduced to $25.

Source: raspberrypi.org