Dride: Connected Raspberry Pi Dashcam with Safety Alerts & Apps

Meet Dride: A smart dash-cam system for your car with voice commands, cloud connectivity, app control, and safety alerts to keep you safe and connected on the road. It is powered by a Raspberry Pi and a custom HAT with multiple sensors. Dride provides all the necessary features which should ideally be present in all our modern cars: Natural and intuitive voice controls, a driving companion watching the road and alerting you if you're not paying attention, and empowering the driving community to force drivers to take responsibility for their driving.

It comes with a real time safety alert system, navigation and voice-to-text technology. It also lets you build your own driving apps and make Dride as intelligent as you are. Another amazing feature of Dride is a cloud based DVR for drivers to save their dash-cam footage and share the footage with world-wide driving community while storing GPS locations and license plate numbers. With the use of Dride Cloud, reckless drivers will be encouraged to drive more responsibly, since they know that their dangerous speed or reckless actions will be documented and reported.

ADAS alert system warns you if you are in danger and watches your back during your journey.

Companion App

The Dride App provides you with your customizable account where you can discover new and exciting Dride apps designed by the Dride community. You can also upload your own driving videos, share with other Dride drivers, control your Dride and personalize it to your car.

Available on the App Store and Google Play


Dride is also equipped with Alexa assistant allowing you to interact with it on the road You can also have Dride read and write your text messages and navigate you to your destination so that you can keep your eyes off your phone and on the road!

To learn more about Dride do visit their KickStarter page and make a pledge if you are interested.

Source: Kickstarter