MeArm Pi - World's First Raspberry Pi Powered DIY Robot Arm

MeArm Pi - World's First Raspberry Pi Powered DIY Robot Arm
MeArm Pi, has been created by Mime Industries based in Nottingham, UK who brought out the massively successful MeArm kit. MeArm Pi is a kit that allows the user to assemble a fully functional robotic arm with the use of Raspberry Pi. It aims to enable beginners in robotics and programming to associate inexpensive, easy-to-assemble components and understand automation projects.

It includes a standard Pi HAT which attaches to your Raspberry Pi and has a couple of on-board joysticks to control it. Because it’s connected to the Pi you can program it through any of the various programming languages that already run on the Pi. There’s also free software available which lets you program it through a web interface using drag and drop programming environments like Scratch and Blockly or with Python and JavaScript for the more experienced.

The HAT is designed to be compatible with B+ form factor models (those that have 40 pin GPIO headers). It should work with a Pi Zero but won't fit in the case as well (some spacers would be required). Also it won't work with the early model Raspberry Pi's that had fewer GPIO pins. Coming in orange and blue flavors, the MeArm Pi kit includes: -

• Plastic parts for the structure of the arm
• Allen key screws for easy assembling
• Allen keys so you don’t need your own tools
• 4 Metal gear servos
• A Raspberry Pi HAT with two on-board joysticks

To learn more about the MeArm Pi do visit their Kickstarter page and make a pledge if you are interested. They’ve already beat their funding goal, of £10,000 by raising more than £34,000 from 600+ backers, with another 22 days still to go.

Source: Kickstarter