PiMiniMint - Altoids RPi Zero Computer

PiMiniMint — Altoids RPi Zero Computer
While a few decades back you would’ve needed an entire room to fit in a computer, technology has come such a long way you can literally pack a PC right in a tiny mint box! We’ve seen our fair share of Altoids mint tin projects and it seems the tin can always house another interesting project.

Developer Matt Wagner has managed to cram an almost entirely self-contained computer setup inside an Altoids mint box. He came up with the idea around 2012 when Raspberry Pi was first launched, but the size constraints kept the project from going forward. He had to wait a couple of years until the company eventually released the ultra compact Pi Zero and its launch made the project possible.

He has made two versions of his project, the first version of the PiMiniMint includes a screen, WiFi, Bluetooth, 32GB of storage, an infrared camera, and a full size USB port. All of this fit inside the Altoids tin. The second version has a battery — 2000mAh reportedly lasting for 6-8hrs. But there is only so much space to perform small miracles so in this version the camera had to go. This makes it a wireless standalone computer as you can control it with Bluetooth keyboard and mouse while connecting to the outside world over WiFi.

To learn more about PiMiniMint, check out how Wagner [MWAGNER] built this quirky PC here.