Design Your First PCB with EasyEDA PCB Fab Service

EasyEDA provides professional PCB fab for customers to save time and reduce the workload in designing PCB. Low price, fast delivery and top quality PCB with precise tolerances on solder mask, absolutely no errors. Now let’s go through a practical example of my first PCB design and made via EasyEDA and learn how to get the design ready very fast.

The EasyEDA tool looks and feels like a desktop application and brings up a very interesting proposal to integrate an entire ecosystem online for circuit development from your schematic, simulation spice, routing the PCB with the possibility to export gerber / drill files or even fabricate their PCB through the system itself. That’s how they plan to sustain the site from marginal profits by producing the boards. However, they don’t prevent you from downloading all the files you need to take your design to any board manufacturer that you like.

Sample PCB Design using EasyEDA:

Based on the brilliant work by hacker [ajlittRPi WiFi project, you can now add WiFi to the Raspberry Pi Zero while keeping the USB port free for devices or OTG connection to another host. Another hacker [jacksonliam] has managed to even add more functionality to the RPi HAT by including a headphone jack and enabling audio. The audio jack requires software remapping of the PWM0/PWM1 signals to GPIO12 and GPIO13 and uses simple filters as seen on the Raspberry Pi A/B models.

The whole PCB design can be found at EasyEDA which is a free online EDA tool for creating circuits and PCBs in a seamless manner. You can fork it to make modifications, download Gerbers or order the PCB at pretty good prices from them directly:

Ordering PCB from EasyEDA

Have you ever finished designing your PCB and wondered where you could have it manufactured? Well, you are not alone in this. Many beginners usually don’t know how or where to order their PCBs and spend a lot of time scouring through the internet looking for PCB manufacturing companies. EasyEDA eliminates this problem by assisting one to order their PCB. You can place your order as soon as you are done with the design process. Moreover, the ordering process is easy and if you don’t understand anything you can refer to the PCB order tutorial that explains everything.

It is also good to note that you are not expressly expected to order your PCBs on EasyEDA. If you already have a PCB fabrication house in mind you can simply download the Gerber files of your PCB and send them to the fab house. Moreover, EasyEDA allows you to export your PCB design to PDF. So, you can produce the PCBs yourself.

Ordering Process:-
Now, you can try the new PCB Order page via

EasyEDA not only supports ordering PCBs straight from the EasyEDA PCB Editor but they also support Gerber files from any other EDA tool. You can upload Altium, Kicad, Eagle, Diptrace, Pads, P-CAD etc. with support up to 16 layer PCBs.

Order stencils with your PCB

A Stencil can help you to solder the PCB quickly. For efficient and reliable SMT assembly a Stencil is a must. EasyEDA can provide the option of NON-FRAMEWORK (or frame-less) and FRAMEWORK stencils. The right hand image below shows a frame-less stencil. Frame-less stencils are cheaper and lower weight(0.2 Kg) so they can help to reduce the shipping cost.

Once the PCB design is done, you can use the Gerber Viewer for last minute check, and then go ahead with the PCB production. The cheapest option is 9.8 USD for 10pcs of 50m×50mm boards, 17.6USD for 10pcs of 100m×100mm. Payment could be done using Paypal or Credit card directly. The fabrication usually takes around 2-4 days. You could receive your PCB within 3-7 days if you choose the faster shipping option which is the “Express Shipping”. If you choose “Airmail” option, you need wait for at-least 8-35 days to get your PCBs but its a lot cheaper option. The following PCBs were ordered from EaysEDA PCB Fab.

The following video briefly presents the features of the EasyEDA tool.

We highly recommend EasyEDA for custom circuit board design and low cost PCB ordering.
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