Ratherboard - The first industrial grade motherboard for the Raspberry Pi

The all-in-one tech gadget - Ratherboard is the first industrial grade motherboard for the Raspberry Pi. The name Ratherboard comes from the expression “Raspberry motherboard”.

A small Hungarian circle of friends behind Ratherboard are about to launch on Indiegogo. They have created an accessory for Raspberry Pi, which has never been seen before.

The Ratherboard is the first high quality, watertight solution clearing the way before Raspberry Pi to outdoors usage or application in wet, and grimy environments.

The Ratherboard provides the necessary supply voltage for the Raspberry Pi, and even includes a built-in GPS, 6 current-limited outputs, and an ambient light sensor to detect case openings. Furthermore, since it uses a minimal number of the Raspberry pins to achieve all this, the user can add custom hardware inside the case. The Ratherboard is a truly complex motherboard!
If that wouldn’t be enough, three extension boards, named E1, E2, and E3, will also be available from the manufacturer with various configurable analog and digital inputs and outputs. The designer team promised more extension boards to come to meet all different needs.

The advantages of the Ratherboard:

The Ratherboard makes it possible for the already successful / deployed Raspberry Pi based projects to become a modern, heavy-duty, easily integrated, re-sellable product. From now on, deep understanding of hardware architecture is no longer required to create a product for the market. With Ratherboard you can make the solution more robust and faster to implement.

Listed below are a list of possible input and output types, to help you get ideas for your next Do-It-Yourself project!

Sensor input examples
  •     Monitoring switches
        •     Push buttons on user interface
        •     Door opening
        •     Motion sensor output
•     Detecting case opening
        •     by internal tamper switch
        •     by internal ambient light sensor
•     Temperature measurement
       •     Precision measurement with PT100 or “thermocouple” in 4-wire measurement mode (length of measuring leads does not affect precision)
       •     with external temperature sensor connected to digital bus (I2C) – for example: HIH8120-021-001
•     Humidity measurement
       •     with external humidity sensor connected to digital bus (I2C) – for example: HIH8120-021-001
•     Light intensity measurement
       •     by reading analog signal from light sensitive resistor – for example: VT90N2
•     RPM measurement
       •     using external induction sensor – for example: MCPIP-T12L-011
       •     using external Hall-sensor – for example: PGN-SP-001
       •     using external encoder
       •     using external potentiometer
•     Displacement measurement
       •     using external potentiometer
       •     using external magnetostrictive displacement encoder – for example: MME-MTS-TLF
       •     using external linear Hall-sensor – for example: LP 100-H (Bosch Motorsport)
•     GPS position measurement
       •     with integrated GPS – for example: U-Blox CAM-M8Q on the Ratherboard
•     Acceleration and rotation measurement
       •     with integrated 3-axis acceleration and rotation sensor
•     DC voltage measurement
       •     using analog input
•     DC current measurement
       •     with external Hall-sensor – for example: HTFS 400-P
       •     with external shunt resistor – for example: SHD1-100C075DE

To learn more about Ratherboard and its potential applications, do visit their project page or Facebook page.

Source: ratherboard.com