Pi MusicBox: The Ultimate Music Streaming System

Want to create a sound system that will do your music collection justice, but don’t want to spend the big bucks on a professional installation? Pi MusicBox, the self-described “swiss-army knife of streaming,” offers a whole new way to listen to music in your home that’s both simple to set up and easy to configure so that you can play your favorite artists in any room of the house. Using little more than a Raspberry Pi and basic sound equipment, you can wirelessly stream music from Spotify, Google Music, SoundCloud, web radio, and other cloud-based services, or you can play songs from your own collection.
MusicBox lets you control your music from just about anywhere using a phone, tablet, laptop, or other mobile devices without the hassle of using a monitor. You can even set up multiple raspberry pi devices so that you can stream music to wireless headphones or to different speakers. Using Pi MusicBox, you can create your own custom surround-sound system in just an afternoon.

The Top Features of Pi MusicBox

Pi MusicBox offers a versatile solution that allows you to design and create a music streaming player using little more than a Raspberry Pi and basic sound equipment. There are a number of reasons to choose Pi MusicBox when setting up a home sound system:

●     You won’t deplete your phone’s battery or interrupt other apps.
●     There’s no need for a monitor with headless audio capabilities based on Mopidy.
●     Stream music from the cloud, your network, an SD card or from a USB.
●     Take advantage of WPA wifi support.
●     Control your playlist remotely using a web interface or an MPD-client.
●     Easily stream between devices with AirTunes, Airplay, DLNA and OpenHome compatibility.
●     Use USB audio support to connect headphones, USB soundcards, speakers, and other devices to your Raspberry Pi.

Setting Up a Sound System

You can set up your own music streamer anywhere in your house using Pi MusicBox. With just a few inexpensive pieces of equipment, you’ll be listening to your favorite bands from the comfort of your couch in no time. In addition to the Pi MusicBox operating system, you’ll need:

●     Raspberry Pi 1, 2 or 3
●     An SD or microSD card
●     A wifi adapter for the Raspberry Pi
●     A speaker or sound system
●     A device with access to a web browser

Once you’ve downloaded Pi MusicBox, you’ll need to format your SD card to connect to your wireless network. Now you can insert your SD card into your Pi, power on the device, and open MusicBox in a browser. Before playing music through any streaming services, you’ll have to enter your login details for any streaming services you want to use. Once you’ve rebooted your device, you should be able to play music from just about any of your playlists using the Pi MusicBox web portal.