Convert your Raspberry Pi into media center with XBMC

With the help of XBMC you can transform your Raspberry Pi into a full fledged media center. XBMC is an  open source media player application developed by the XBMC Foundation. Raspberry Pi is the perfect candidate for XMBC as it offers 1080p HD support along with networking capabilities and external HDD support via USB.

Getting Started:-

Software & Hardware Requirements:-

  • Rasberry Pi Model B
  • HDMI or AV cable
  • Ethernet cable (for internet viewing)
  • SD card (Class 10 preferred) 
  • Micro USB charger
  • Raspbmc Installer

raspbmc installer

The Raspbmc distribution is created and maintained by Sam Nazarko. For this post I have used the windows based installer and you can download the latest version here.Download it and extract the archive. Make sure to plug in your card reader before launching the application, and unplug any other USB storage devices besides the card you want to format.This is to make sure the only device you can select is the one you want to format. Now, launch the Raspbmc installer application and select the SD card reader from the devices list and click install.It should take around a minute or two to download & burn the image to SD card.

raspbmc installer

Once you get this message you can plug in the memory card, Ethernet cable, keyboard and power up the device.Make sure Pi has access to internet as the installer will need it to complete the installation. It will boot and the installer program will run for about 20-35 minutes depending on your connection speed.The Raspbmc will attempt to reboot the device once the installer script is ready. After the reboot you’ll be greeted with XBMC and a slightly modified light-weight version of the Confluence skin.

XBMC Confluence skin