6 Reasons to Install Wireless Bell System in Schools

School administrators require exceptional organizational and time management abilities to run a school successfully. For students, it is crucial that they learn the importance of punctuality at a young age. Being punctual on consistent basis seems more likely that they will be punctual outside the school too. To fulfill this, it is necessary that the school they attend should encourage a positive atmosphere of time management. 

In the present world, school facilities should install the wireless bell systems that are reliable and should synchronize with the school clock. Apart from displaying accurate time, wireless clocks are made to do much more. Latest wireless systems are designed to fulfill these requirements, and are proven very helpful for the following reasons:

#1 Synchronizes bells with class changes

When the bell rings, the class either started or finished. With the wireless clock systems, the bells remain completely synchronized with accurate time, ensuring that the class begin and end at the exact time. Using wireless clock from Sapling-inc gives an added feature of having the clocks countdown between classes, so that students can know how long they have before the next class commences.

#2 Aids Teachers and Students

When every clock in the premises is synchronized, students and other staff of the school know where they are supposed to go at what time. This also helps teachers to plan their lessons and offer students an appropriate learning environment. If students are completely aware about all the timings, they can better manage time and have a better opportunity for success.

#3 Easy to Maintain

If the school premises are big enough, obviously there will be multiple clocks throughout the buildings. By installing wireless clocks, you do not have to worry about setting time in each of them. This frees up maintenance staff for other important issues. 

#4 Easy Installation of a New System

A wireless bell system uses several wireless public address (PA) speakers to produce school alarms according to the predefined schedules set up on the main wireless system based on the school needs. Each wireless speaker needs to have an AC outlet to function. Also, these speakers can be easily moved or added any time during or after the installation to enhance the bell coverage because of no cables. Setting up a wireless clock is cost-effective because it cuts short the cost of employing labor to do the wiring in whole premises. With wireless bells, you can also expand your choice of bell tones and sounds.

#5 Easy Additions to an Existing System

Many times when school is renovated or expanded, a need of adding a few new bells may arise while continuing the use of the old bell system. A new wireless system can work as an extension of the old wired system by integrating a wireless interface and getting all its control from the existing bell system. 

#6 Replacement of an Existing System

Compared to the old traditional wired system, wireless systems are easy to install with minimal structural modifications. Each wireless speaker just needs an AC power to implement a wireless bell system with number of schedules, bells and alerts. In addition to the primary function of the bells, these wireless systems can also be used in place of traditional PA system for live or pre-programmed voice announcements during regular events or emergencies.

Wireless bell systems are far better than conventional systems. These wireless systems are designed to offer easy installation and relocation, system expansion, run multiple programs, time synchronization, and PA announcements. These complementary features make the wireless bell system the best solution for the school.