Burn SD Card Images Using Etcher On Windows, Linux & Mac

Etcher is a open source application from resin.io which allows you to burn OS image to any SD card with ease. What sets it apart from other tools is its clean and simple UI interface. So if you are planning on burning a new disk image you can stick with Win32DiskImager or give Etcher a try.

With Etcher the whole task of burning an image to physical device can be completed in 3 simple steps. In the first step, you have to select the ISO, IMG or ZIP disk image file. In the second step, you have to choose the destination disk (SD card / Flash Drive). And finally in the third step, you have to burn the disk image onto to the destination disk. After the burn process is complete, the SD card is automatically mounted so that you can make use of the burned OS image.

  1. Validated Burning - No more writing images on corrupted cards and wondering why your device isn't booting.
  2. Hard Drive Friendly - Makes drive selection obvious to avoid wiping your entire hard-drive
  3. Open Source - Made with JS, HTML, node.js and Electron
  4. Cross Platform - Works for everyone, no more complicated install instructions.

You can download Etcher from http://www.etcher.io/ and is available for Windows, Linux and Mac.