RabbitMax Flex - Raspberry Pi HAT for IoT

RabbitMax Flex is an open source add-on board, compatible with HAT specifications for Raspberry Pi 2 /3 boards and is designed specifically for rapid prototyping of Internet of Things (IoT) and home automation applications .

It includes headers for up to 5 I2C sensors, as well as an RGB LED, a buzzer, a relay, a button, infrared receiver and transmitter, and an optional slot for modular 16x2 LCD character display.

Getting started with RabbitMax Flex is super easy. No soldering is required. You can assemble the kit with your bare hands and start using it immediately on Raspbian, the most popular GNU/Linux distribution for Raspberry Pi. A comprehensive user's manual is also provided for learning about hardware programming using either C or Python. The developer has also released software and hardware documentation for the board, including KiCAD schematics & PCB layout, code samples, and more on Github.

RabbitMax Flex specifications:

● Relay – Songle SRD-05VDC-SL-C supporting 125V/250VAC up to 10A, 30VDC up to 10A
● Storage – EEPROM with some system information for identification
● IR – IR LED, IR receiver
● Misc – Buzzer, Button, RGB LED
● Expansion
        • Header for LCD character display + potentiometer for backlight adjustment
        • 5x 4-pin headers for I2C sensors
● Dimensions – Raspberry Pi HAT compliant

Watch the video below to learn more about this new open source hardware and software bundle. For more information on the new RabbitMax Flex jump over to the Indiegogo website.

Source: Indiegogo