FullPageOS - Boot Your Pi Into a Full Page Web Kiosk Mode

FullPageOS Automatically Boots Your Raspberry Pi Into a Full Page Web Kiosk Mode
 FullPageOS  is a Raspberry Pi distribution to display one webpage in full screen. It includes Chromium out of the box and the scripts necessary to load it at boot. As most people uses the Pi as a low cost information system to display important updates / use it a dashboard, FullPageOS can takes care of common issues like disabling screen savers, editing display size, and forcing full-screen mode on its own.

FullPageOS is set up to boot into a full-screen Chromium window on boot. All you need to do is install FullPageOS on an SD card, then edit a TXT file to include your Wi-Fi network info and the URL you want it to load up. Webpage can be changed from /boot/fullpageos.txt This is a pretty niche little distribution for the Pi, but it should make those dashboards and other HUDs much quicker to set up.

For more details visit: FullPageOS | GitHub