SonoPi Touch - A Raspberry Pi based Multiroom Audio Solution

We’ve seen plenty of  DIY tutorials to turn a Raspberry Pi into a music player, but Germany based KnowHowTec has come up with a product called SonoPi Touch which adds a 7" multi-touch display so you can also easily control your music right from the SonoPi Touch or via Smartphone.

The system includes a 160W amplifier driven by a 5/5 star rated Hi-Res Digital to Analogue converter sound card for the Raspberry Pi, the Pi-DAC+. As the Pi-DAC+ uses TI PCM5122 DAC, full Linux device driver support is already built into the official Raspbian Linux distribution.

Pi-DAC+ Specifications:

● Full-HD audio – up to 24-bit/192kHz playback
● Integrated hardware volume control (via ALSA), full 2v RMS
● Class leading audio; 112db SNR, and -93db THD
● Audiophile TI Burr Brown 32-bit/384kHz DAC (TI PCM5122)
● Advanced ESD protection
● Uses the digital I2S audio signals to reduce CPU load over USB audio solutions


The project software solution is based on Max2Play. Max2Play is a beginners-friendly operating system for the Raspberry Pi with a focus on Audio. The Max2Play interface is accessible through the browsers of your PC's, tablets or smartphones. No Linux experience or console commands necessary. The WiFi setup is very easy thanks to WPS functionality. With the help of plugins (extensions), they are configured and installed easily: So you can use all plugins and features you know from Max2Play, like Squeezebox Server, Jivelite, Kodi and others.

● Media Center with just one click
● easiest implementation of Multi-Room Audio Setups
● Configuration of the IQaudIO sound card
● Set up (mount) storage devices (USB flash drives, NAS, etc.) and network paths with one click
● Over 30 plugins available
● Max2Play lives by and through the community with support of the community in the development of new plugins.

Multiroom Audio Solution Working

With the integrated Squeezbox Server all your SonoPis can play audio in sync. As shown in the graphic above, one of the devices has to be a server to which every other device connects. So all of them have the same information with correct timing. However you can control the playback with each SonoPi.

SonoPi Features

To learn more about the new Raspberry Pi Audio Injector Sound Card do visit their Kickstarter page and make a pledge if you are interested.