NW.js port for Raspberry Pi

NW.js Node.js port for Raspberry Pi
With NW.js, developers can port to Raspberry Pi the apps and games they have created using JavaScript, HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3 and Node.js (all of these are optional so for example one can just use HTML only if desired). It also lets you call Node.js modules directly from the DOM and enables a new way of writing native applications with all Web technologies.

Almost all web apps and web games that work in Chrome can be ported to Raspberry Pi now using the NW.js port. However performance can be issue because RPi 1 and Zero are not very powerful.

Since NW.js includes Node.js, the developers can access hardware (GPIO, USB, etc.) without problems and do any thing that Node.js can do and they can provide a GUI if they want since NW.js also includes Chromium. All packaged in a binary so it is interesting for many projects.

The instructions can be found in the GitHub repository of the port and also in the official NW.js repository (in the part where they talk about the old version called node-webkit).


• Raspberry Pi Zero, all models (untested)
• Raspberry Pi, all models
• Raspberry Pi 2, all models (untested)
• Raspberry Pi 3, all models
• Other devices with compatible hardware (untested)

Source: [GitHub]